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Mark McNairy | The Collaboration King

Aug 11th, 2014 | Categories: Collaborations, Jake Gallagher, Menswear | by Jake Gallagher


Mark McNairy doesn’t say much.

The man who revived the red brick sole is now almost as renowned for his blunt single sentence interview answers in caps lock as for his pattern-heavy collections. Reading a McNairy profile one would assume that he operates as a lone wolf, the sort of designer who prefers to remain in his own head free from any outside influences, but this is hardly the case. For McNairy, his main New Amsterdam label encompasses just one (albeit large) slice of his portfolio, the rest of which is comprised of collaborations, large and small, predictable and obscure, that have became paramount to his standing as one of America’s best known designers. Over the past few years McNairy has worked with everyone from rappers to a brewery to a Japanese street wear store to a legendary American label. While it would be tough to catalog every single collaboration McNairy has been a part of since stepping out on his own, we’ve done our best to compile a year’s worth of McNasty partnerships, although we can’t guarantee he won’t drop anymore by the time you read this.

Second Coming | Mark McNairy x Woolrich Woolen Mills.

Jun 5th, 2014 | Categories: Jake Gallagher, Menswear | by Jake Gallagher


“Don’t call it a comeback.”

Normally we shy away from rap references (that’s why God invented Four Pins), but we’d like to believe that Mark McNairy would appreciate an allusion to LL Cool J. After all McNairy’s relationship with rap (and the rappers that wear his clothes) is prolific enough that The New York Times devoted an entire profile to it earlier this year. While McNairy’s eponymous brand and his collaboration with BBC have garnered plenty of attention over the past year, there was a noticeable silence from Woolrich Woolen Mills, the designer’s third major endeavor.

Fortunately for us all though, earlier this year it was announced that after a one season hiatus McNairy was back at the helm of Woolrich Woolen Mills. The resulting Fall 2014 collection lies at the intersection of McNairy’s amped up Ivy sportswear and Woolrich’s eternal Americana. This is an equation that could’ve been used to describe the majority of McNairy’s work at WWM, but there’s something special about this collection, something almost otherworldly. With all of the reflective accents, techy fabrics and heightened colors, the collection looks like what would happen if a UFO had crashed in the Pennsylvania wilderness, or if Woolrich happened to have been contracted to design uniforms for NASA.


Mark McNairy x ACL & Co. Brogue Boots

Aug 5th, 2011 | Categories: ACL & Co., ACL SHOP | by Michael Williams

One of the first product collaborations that landed in the ACL Shop back when it all began was with my friend Mark McNairy on a few pairs of special English-made shoes. That was in November of 2009 and Mark has gone on to do a million different combinations for his Mark McNairy New Amsterdam collection, but one of the my favorite styles from his line was always the country brogue with the white vibram sole.

My personal style tends to lean me more towards boots than shoes, which is why I teamed up with McNairy again to make two new special styles of the aforementioned country brogues. And I have to say, Mark and I are both pretty thrilled with how the boots turned out. And so, launching today in the ACL Shop are two limited-run of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam brogue boots made exclusively for ACL & Co. The seven-eyelet brogue boots both feature a natural storm (Goodyear) welt, white Vibram soles and outdoor laces, pairing a more refined shape with more rugged details. Made in England and available now in the ACL Shop. [Mark McNairy x ACL & Co.]

Engineered Garments x Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

Jan 5th, 2010 | Categories: Collaborations, Footwear | by Michael Williams

A fine collection of gentlemen and an equally delightful selection of leather shoes. The Juggernaut that is Engineered Garments teamed up with one Mark McNairy on a second capsule collection of English made shoes centered around the classic longwing shape. The collaboration consists of four co-labeled styles (even the way the shoes were labeled is fun; the Engineered Garments logo stamped directly on top of the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam mark right in the footbed) in two colors (black and brown), which will hit stores this coming fall (I shall start saving up now). Check out the chukka longwing and the upland boot longwing in pebble grain — both competing for the title as my favorite.


Anglo-American | Mark McNairy SS10

Jul 17th, 2009 | Categories: England, Footwear | by Michael Williams

Footwear week rolls on with my last reveal of highlights from the Mark McNairy SS10 collection. The man got a lot of ACL play this week, but the shoes are strong so why fight it? With the fall 2009 collection hitting stores, and the McNairy Bass Weejuns making their first waves, it is time for a new round of English made goodness. In my mind it is not since the P-51 Mustang has there been such a beautiful Anglo-American partnership. Okay, I’m going crazy but the shoes look damn good. The collection (along with the new Bass Weejuns) will be on display at Capsule this coming week.


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Mark McNairy for Bass Weejuns

Jul 14th, 2009 | Categories: Collaborations, Footwear, Made in the USA, Maine | by Michael Williams

How can you improve on an iconic shoe? That is exactly what Mark McNairy was tasked with when creating his new co-labeled collection of Bass Weejuns. Obviously the shoes had to be made in Maine and from high quality materials like Horween Shell Cordovan and real alligator. And naturally the shoes had to have a twist. What Mr. McNairy (who is also the J. Press creative director and has his own English made shoe collection under his name) accomplished is nothing short of genius. Granted I’m biased, but there is not one pair of shoes in his collection that I don’t want to steal. When I first found out about the new collection I was so happy that Mark was going to be designing everything — I couldn’t think of a better man for the job. What is pictured below is about one fifth of the special Weejuns collection. (The full range will be at Capsule next week if you are a store and want to buy / see the line. The shoes hit retailers come SS10.)




Red Brick Soul by Mark McNairy

Jan 13th, 2009 | Categories: England, Footwear | by Michael Williams

My good bud and Tokyo travel partner Mark McNairy has recently launched a footwear range called Red Brick Soul under his eponymous label. The really nice looking white and dirty bucks, saddle shoes, chukka boots, and loafers are all made in England and all feature — as the name suggests — red brick soles. The shoes — which will be available for purchase this fall — feature Goodyear Welt construction and are priced from $285 to $550. Personally, I love the versatility of a chukka boot or a dirty buck. The saddle shoes even look good and I’m not normally very keen on saddle shoes.

If you are a retailer, you can see Red Brick Soul during market at The Haberdashery Group at the Warwick Hotel January 17th – 20th. I already placed my order. I’ll take one pair of each, thank you very much. —ACL